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DICKY DAHL is a Portland, Oregon-based sound mixer and documentary filmmaker with 20 years of experience in the industry.  Curious, self-reliant and engaged, Dicky loves collaborating with others on set to help every production reach its greatest potential.  Whether it's a run-and-gun adventure doc, corporate interview, Swedish film or podcast, he devotes himself to delivering the sweetest of sounds.

Dicky grew up in New Jersey dreaming about mountains, sang for the art-pop band Stratotanker in New York City and sought out shamen with wolf power in the Mexican Sierra before making his way out west and turning his attention to independent filmmaking.  He wrote and produced The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack, a documentary portrait of cowboy singer Ramblin’ Jack Elliott that won the Special Jury Prize for Artistic Achievement at Sundance in 2000; directed, edited and “starred” in the feature memoir The Curio in 2015; and is the co-creator of Crazy Possible, a mid-life crisis travel series set along the Continental Divide Trail.  His latest passion project is Mr Immortal Jellyfish Man, a feature documentary about a Japanese scientist’s use of karaoke to promote his game-changing research on the immortal jellyfish.  In his free time, Dicky goes camping with his partner Melissa and daughter Frankie.

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