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Norske for sweet sound

Specializing in nimble location sound recording for documentary,
commercial, corporate and narrative projects in the Northwest and beyond...

with professional gear, a penchant for overcoming challenges and a love of collaboration.

I have worked in film and video production for more than twenty years in a variety of roles and in none more passionately than that of sound recordist.  I love the subtle magic that happens when good sound elevates a piece to its full, dynamic potential. I've recorded sound in office towers and in a driving rain on a forested mountain slope, underwater and in a Los Angeles comedy club. I pride myself on maintaining the necessary knowledge and gear to do my job at the highest level and when I

commit to do a job I happily throw myself into the effort to make

that project as successful as possible.


Alexa Young, CA

"Dicky proved a dynamic and diligent force on set, never shying away from the perfectly timed light-hearted joke or carefully holding for the worst-timed airplane passing overhead. Dicky fully understood our vision, really went to bat for this project, and was kind and careful with our cast. Best Dressed on set and positivity through and through - a real one!"

Cambria Matlow, director 'Why Dig When You Can Pluck?'

Soundhämmer logo

One day on set a child pointed up at his boom pole and exclaimed, “hammer!” “Yes…sound hammer,” Dicky replied, grinning, and the legend was born.


“Dicky’s production tracks were some of the best production sound I’ve ever worked with!”

Evonne Moritz, editor 'Empire' TV Series


Sound Devices 633 Mixer/recorder, Lectrosonics wireless transmitters and receivers, Sennheiser MKH 50 & 416, K-Tek Boom Pole, Tentacle Sync Kit, Sanken Cos 11-D lavalier microphones, Comteks 



Had the pleasure of doing sound on this project and working with local / NBA legend, Damian Lillard.  (Yes, he is even more impressive in person.)  Check it out, friends...💙 #soundhammer #locationsound #soundrecordist 

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