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Norske for sweet sound

Specializing in nimble location sound recording for documentary,
commercial, corporate and narrative projects in the Northwest and beyond...

with professional gear, a penchant for overcoming challenges and a love of collaboration.

I have worked in film and video production for more than twenty years in a variety of roles and in none more passionately than that of sound recordist.  I love the subtle magic that happens when good sound elevates a piece to its full, dynamic potential. I've recorded sound in office towers and in a driving rain on a forested mountain slope, underwater and in a Los Angeles comedy club. I pride myself on maintaining the necessary knowledge and gear to do my job at the highest level and when I

commit to do a job I happily throw myself into the effort to make

that project as successful as possible.

One day on set a child pointed up at his boom pole and exclaimed, “hammer!” “Yes…sound hammer,” Dicky replied, grinning, and the legend was born.

in Temple_edited.jpg

“Dicky’s production tracks were some of the best production sound I’ve ever worked with!”

Evonne Moritz, editor 'Empire' TV Series


Sound Devices MixPre10 Mixer/recorder, Lectrosonics wireless transmitters and receivers, Sennheiser MKH 50 & 416, K-Tek Boom Pole, Tentacle Sync Kit, Sanken Cos 11-D lavalier microphones, Comteks 



Had the pleasure of doing sound on this project and working with local / NBA legend, Damian Lillard.  (Yes, he is even more impressive in person.)  Check it out, friends...💙 #soundhammer #locationsound #soundrecordist 

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